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Our Expertise

The world is changing and so are our ways of working. This new
transformation of the world of work has a significant impact on our spaces.
At Immo-Val Construction Inc. we integrate solutions adapted
to our customers to meet all their challenges.
Office fit-out

We have understood that the environment, well-being, labor retention and new technologies are important factors in choosing the layout of your offices. In order to achieve your objectives, entrust us with your renovation and layout projects.

Donor work and capitalization

We perform base-building and capitalization works for various
property owners and property managers. All our work is carried out in the
compliance with building rules in order to limit the inconvenience of


The retail industry is changing and the challenges are numerous. Whether it be stores, restaurants, banks or clinics, our team carries out your work while respecting your branding.

Industrial building

Logistics, productivity, recruitment and energy saving are important factors to consider today in the choice of industrial space planning. Immo-Val Construction Inc. will guide you in the development and the construction of your industrial premises.

Alain Stival

With more than 25 years of diverse project management experience, Alain Stival has acquired solid expertise in the development of commercial spaces. Over the years, he has carried out a multitude of projects for various real estate funds as well as offering a service that is always at the forefront of customer requirements. This rich experience has enabled him to build an important contact network related to this field. Dynamic and committed, he always remains in control of the situation and his management style is oriented towards solutions.

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